International studies into intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviour: What is new?

bannerBoth EAMHID and CCE find it important to provide insights in current international studies and expertise with respect to the field of intellectual disabilities and mental health/challenging behaviour. To give a preview of important studies, we asked the keynote speakers and pre congress course leaders of the EAMHID Congress to explain their research and how it may affect daily practices.


EAMHID Congress: 23 - 25 May 2019

The European Association in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities (EAMHID) will host a congress about the wellbeing of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in their communities. More information on the EAHMID Congress 


Please find below an overview with keynote speakers and pre-congress course leaders and read the interviews.



  • Richard Hastings: Services and programmes for people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems. Working together towards high quality science: Co-production with individuals with intellectual disabilities and families Interview Richard Hastings

  • Andrew Jahoda: Depression and intellectual disability Interview Andrew Jahoda

  • Brenda Frederiks: Rights of people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems Interview Brenda Frederiks 

  • Jeanne Farr (CEO of NADD): Families and trauma Interview Jeanne Farr

  • Pere Bonet / Pere Rueda: Foundations working together to support the mental health and wellbeing of people with intellectual disability and their families in their communities

  • Bo Hejlskov: Challenging behaviour - a low arousal approach Interview Bo Hejlskov

  • Dr. Dan Chisholm & Melita Murko: Human Rights in Institutions Interview Dr. Dan Chisholm & Melita Murko

  • Mary Busk: Understanding the needs of and working effectively with families to improve outcomes Interview Mary Busk